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  • Daedong Festival
    • Daedong Festival is the year’s biggest festival happens on every May in University of Seoul. Students can introduce variety things what they were prepared long periods of time so that finally enables ruminating over “the true meaning of Daedong.” The main event breaking out during this particular time is beforehand Jangsangotme singing festival to send up the festival atmosphere. Then, the festival is held in earnest started with Janseung performance of exorcism. Various street cultural festivals are occurred all over the campus presented by each campus group and department, so are street vendors lit up the light all night. The runners’ event at the end of day and popular guest singer’s performance at the closing ceremony simply show off the beauty of whole Daedong festival.

    • Main Events :
      Daedong Festival Eve & Jangsangotme singing festival , Janseung performance of exorcism, Opening ceremony(Scholars culture event, Campus club performance), Yuldong festival, Unification cultural event, Bumsidaein runners tournament, Closing ceremony · Street vendors, Campus club event, Academic exhibitions, etc.
  • Inhyang Festival
    • Inhyang Festival is grouping culture festival led by 50 central campus groups in University of Seoul. It happens around our campus in each October. Previous years of 2001 & 2002, we’ve gained good reputation from our school neighbors by involving with local community. Considering Daedong festival as for 7000 students of University of Seoul, Inhyang Festival is for members of campus group and time that can boast their unlimited abilities built up during summer break

    • Main Events :
      Book displays, Free movie showing, various events, Korean traditional percussion quartet, Dance Club, Group sound performance, Special guest singer performance and much more.
  • Jungnong Cultural Festival
    • Jungnong Cultural Festival has been raised originally for the gymnastic causes. In the meantime, it has become bigger not only for the gymnastic events, but also other various cultural events. Nevertheless, the highlight for this festival is gymnastic events led by ball games including soccer, basketball, foot baseball, kickball, and other tournaments, which games also been produced to great plays and rooters.

    • Main Events :
      Gymnastic Events: soccer, basketball, foot baseball, kickball entering and final game, U of Seoul marathon race
    • Cultural Events :
      Outdoor movie festival, literary art performance, Special guest singer performance
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