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Tax Research Institute
Institute Office Tel : +82+2+6490+5030
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  • Tax Research Institute was established for research in tax policies for local, civic, and national governments. Its research is particularly focused on decentralized tax systems. Facing the many issues of public financing in local governments, it seeks to find alternative plans for tax reform in the national government, for moving national taxes to local governments, and for studying olutions that guarantee long-term revenue. Presently, the Tax Research Institute is pursuing research in the reorganization of real-estate taxes.
  • Research and Activity
    • Research into local tax systems and related tax systems
    • Research, consulting, and technical service for Seoul Metropolitan Government and its district offices
    • International and local conferences on local tax
    • Publication of papers, monographs, periodicals, and documentation of local tax information
    • Academic and professional exchange with local and international organizations
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