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Institute of Idustrial Technology
Institute Office Tel : +82+2+6490+5350
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  • The Institute of Industrial Technology contributes to industrial development by carrying out creative research for the development of theory, for the application of engineering sciences to practical technologies, and for the collaboration between academia and industry. The Institute has three affiliated research centers: Nano-Science & Technology Center, Seoul Jewelry Research Center, and High Performance Computing (HPC) Research Center.

    The Nano-Science & Technology was established in 2002 to carry out research projects and educate graduate students in modern nano-science & technology. The center is collaborating with the Nanoelectronic Devices laboratory of the Nano-Science & Technology department and the nano-structure application laboratory of the Physics department. Several research projects are in progress on the subjects of the nanoscale semiconductor transistor, nonvolatile memory, and semiconductor nano-dot formation for the optical devices. The center has a plan to extend the research area to IT-NT fusion technologies with other engineering departments such as departments of Electrical Engineering, Materials Science & Engineering, and Mechanical & Information Engineering in the near future.

    Established in 2004, the non-profit Seoul Jewelry Research Center (SJRC) is Seoul's foremost authority in gemology and jewelry design. SJRC's mission is to ensure the public trust in gems and jewelry by upholding the highest standards of integrity, academics, science, and professionalism through education, research, laboratory services, and instrument development to support fashion industry in Seoul.

    High Performance Computing (HPC) Research Center emphasizes computational finance research, which is based on information & communication and finance technology. Our center's goal is to build a financial computing system using high-performance computing technology. Rresearch topics include financial applications, financial modeling, and financial computation.
  • Research and Activity
    • Research and consulting in industrial technology and policy for Seoul Metropolitan Government, public institutions, and private companies
    • Publication of research papers and international symposiums
    • Exchange with foreign research institutes and support for subsidiary centers
  • Nano Science and Technology Center
    • Development of nano science and technology through research and professional training in nano-structuring, nano-processing, and nano-functions
    • Annual Nano Science and Technology Workshop and regular international seminars
    • Technical consulting and interdisciplinary research in Nano Science and Technology
  • Seoul Jewelry Research Center
    • Development of raw materials and digital design technology in fashion jewelry
    • Training jewelry professionals and supporting jewelry-related small business located in Seoul
    • Currently preparing to move into Seoul Digital Fashion Center
    • Building up digital jewelry design database and providing technical service related to jewelry
  • High-tech Computing Research Center
    • Supporting the international competitiveness of industries through technological innovation and support in high-performance computing technology and state-of-the-art financial technologies
    • Publication of research papers and international symposiums
    • Solution Sharing Network for cooperation with international and domestic institutes and the Korean Standards Association
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