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  • Introducing Our Campus Groups
    • Our school promoted diverse campus group activity as for fortifying our students’ fellowship broadens our educational reach-out views and supporting healthy and rational on and off campus activities for our students.
    • Campus Groups Facts
      • Education, Culture, Religion, Gymnastics, Academic Social, Study· Liberal arts fields, total group numbers of 53
    • How to Register
      • To join and cancel a membership is completely up to the person’s free will and the numbers of belonging group is limited to one per person. Dualism of club joining is strictly banned.
    • Supporting Group Activity
      • Our school gives continuous support to predominant and healthy campus group, however, the opposite group activity without school permission, which possibly caused from bad intention may be strictly prohibited.
  • Sector Group Name Summary Location
    the eyeball Come B1 and join us any freshmen
    has passion to the photography and
    love for the human being
    Student Bldg. B1
    Yunmukhwe Learn about the teachings and Justice
    throughout calligraphy
    Student Bldg. 3F
    Youth hostel Welcome anyone If you are ambitious
    and enjoy romanticism
    Student Bldg. 3F
    Culture Grimnuri Creative cartoon group Student Bldg. 3F
    Theatrical Art
    Study Group
    The pioneer of our generation along
    with the swirling flame of creativity
    Student Bldg. 3F
    RAH We, the coolest people in u of Seoul,
    are inviting you to our dance group
    Student Bldg. 3F
    Mijirim Come & join us to classical guitar
    group where people with beautiful
    fingers gathered.
    Student Bldg. 3F
    The sun never rises if we don’t fight
    against falsehood and fallacy with
    flapping the edge of hemp garments.
    Student Bldg. 3F
    Latino Are you ready to be into the Latin
    dance world?
    Student Bldg. 3F
    Ulssigu Central featuring group of exorcism
    marching in the populace era
    Student Bldg. 3F
    Zephaniah Rock Group with 30 year tradition in
    our school
    Student Bldg. B1
    Hearing Central literature Group Student Bldg. 3F
    Hanwoolbit The one and only filming group in
    University of Seoul
    Student Bldg. B1
    Thrash AL Rock music group Student Bldg. 3F
    Tru-hz Central black music group Student Bldg. 3F
    Religion Christian
    sharing and serving Christian
    Student Bldg. 3F
    CCC A group of people dreaming of Jesus
    Christian University of Seoul, heart of
    the nation.
    Student Bldg. 3F
    I.V.F Waiting for youth like dawn dew.
    Jesus Christ and his plan follower,
    Student Bldg. 2F
    UBF Beyond denomination, we are one
    campus gospel group.
    Student Bldg. 3F
    The followers of Buddha and his
    Student Bldg. 3F
    Embodied the real spirit of Jesus Student Bldg. 3F
    Siwonhwe Won-Buddhist community Student Bldg. B1
    Looking for young people path finding
    a new world with great ambition and
    Student Bldg. B1
    Gymnastics Fencing Learning fencing Student Bldg. 3F
    Basketball There are many hot blooded University
    of Seoul students who love basketball.
    Student Bldg. 2F
    Shooting For Shooting and social community Student Bldg.B1
    Mt. hikers Mountain lovers who live as a
    Student Bldg. 3F
    Woorami Health Club Grand Auditorium
    Judo Softness domineers over strength College of
    Technology B1
    Ping-Pong Release your boredom to ping pong... Student Bldg. B1
    Mighty and immortal of University of
    Seoul Taekwondo....
    Student Bldg. B1
    Tennis What else is great comparison to
    tennis as lifetime hobby?
    Student Bldg. 3F
    Soccer Feel the sweat and fellowship with us Student Bldg. B1
    Flying Fish Inviting people who loves and
    cherishe s the ocean.
    Student Bldg. 3F
    Academic ·
    kangdari Let’s ponder on language, society,
    and cultural reality.
    Student Bldg. 3F
    Grutugi Study about labor and the economy Student Bldg. 3F
    Greendume We are here for the outcast in our neighbors. Student Bldg. 3F
    Student group
    Brighten our nation Student Bldg. B1
    Reconsider Korean history and
    Student Bldg. 3F
    Study Stocks Stock market research group in the
    grove of economy
    Student Bldg. 2F
    Jisil (志實)   Student Bldg. B1
    Time Journal   Student Bldg. 3F
    Busrugi Social work, volunteers Student Bldg. B1
    RCY Red Cross volunteers Student Bldg. 3F
    Study ·
    Liberal arts
    A.L.A Listening English Student Bldg. 3F
      S.E.C.A The one and only English speaking
    group in University of Seoul
    Student Bldg. 3F
      C.U.C.A Join if you like to be familiar with computer. Student Bldg. 3F
      Newsweek Studying Newsweek with our many good senior. Come & look around. Student Bldg. 3F
      Quipu Alumni fellowship and the passion to computer Student Bldg. 3F
      Time Let’s study about time. Student Bldg. 3F
      GAIA Studying wild birds Student Bldg. B1
      Zetin Produce and study micro robot Student Bldg. 3F
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