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      Academic writing is an important focus of a college education since it represents the culmination of academic learning. Writing in college is not merely a tool for expression but the process of logical and critical thinking manifested through communication skills. The University of Seoul Writing Center pursues the mission of helping students improve their logical and critical thinking through various writing programs.

      The Center is unique in that it has the goal of integrating Korean and English writing skills in the comparative study of both languages, which we believe helps deepen the understanding and mastery of each language. Thus, the Center assists students with any aspect of Korean or English writing, from course assignments to general writing skills, through individual conferences at no charge. The Center also offers noncredit courses to meet students’ varied needs to learn how to write well and express their ideas logically, which the regular curriculum can cover with only limited resources and results.

      The Writing Center will continue to make every effort to provide diverse programs to help students adapt well in the information society. We encourage you to explore all the Center has to offer.

      Park Keeyoung
      Director Professor,
      Department of Korean Language and Literature
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