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Division of General English
Course List
Name Major Degree Contacts
KIM, Ji-Young Pragmatics, Discourse Analysis Doctoral Degree E-mail: jcathykim@uos.ac.kr,
Office: 4-221
Phone: +82-2-6490-5227
KIM, Ji-Eun Education(English) Doctoral Degree E-mail: jekim7409@naver.com,
Office: 4-222
Phone: +82-2-6490-5216
YOO, Young-Suk Education Doctoral Degree E-mail: ysryoo2@hanmail.net,
Office: 4-222
Phone: +82-2-6490-5225
OH, Eun-Jou Second Foreign Language Acquisition Theory and Application, Estimation, Linguistic Psychology Doctoral Degree E-mail: eunjouoh@uos.ac.kr,
Office: 4-220
Phone: +82-2-6490-5226
Lee, Jung-Min Linguistics Doctoral Degree E-mail: clee1222@gmail.com,
Office: 4-221
Phone: +82-2-6490-5228
LIM, Do-Hyun British & American Drama Doctoral Degree E-mail: pfhyun@hanmail.net,
Office: 4-224
Phone: +82-2-6490-5217
KIM, Hye-Kyung Linguistics / English Education Doctoral Degree E-mail: kimhk3@uos.ac.kr,
Office: 4-223
Phone: +82-2-6490-5229
Andrea Tavares Education Master Degree E-mail: andreatavares894@gmail.com,
Office: 4-226
Phone: +82-2-6490-5221
Keith Woogerd Liberal Arts Master Degree E-mail: keithwoog@gmail.com,
Office: 4-229
Phone: +82-2-6490-5220
Kevin Cowell TESOL Master Degree E-mail: kemo_c@yahoo.com,
Office: 4-225
Phone: +82-2-6490-5222
Matthew Spence Education Master Degree E-mail: spence_matthew@hotmail.com,
Office: 4-228
Phone: +82-2-6490-5215
Samuel Parker Internation Educational Development Master Degree E-mail: adventuresam@hotmail.com,
Office: 4-225
Phone: +82-2-6490-5211
Susan Pratt TESL Master Degree E-mail: susanmpratt@gmail.com,
Office: 4-226
Phone: +82-2-6490-5210
John Grimmett English Literature Master Degree E-mail: jsg.teaching@gmail.com,
Office: 4-229
Phone: +82-2-6490-5213
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