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Department of Urban Planning and Design
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  • Department of Urban Planning and Design
    • Planners are concerned with cities where most people live, work, and play. Planners are frequently challenged by cities' complex problems and concentrate on what our cities could be. They are interested in positive land use, social, economic, environmental, and physical change. They work with people from various backgrounds to develop a better community. The department prepares students to be professionals with a specialty. The department offers diverse subjects, such as land use planning, urban design, urban and regional economics, housing, environment, transportation in order to enhance students' comprehensive understanding of our cities. At a higher level, students can choose their specialty. Students learn ways to preserve and enhance their quality of life and identify policies to promote equity and equality. Many alumni and alumnae are working for (1) government, or quasi-government, organizations (e.g., the Seoul Metropolitan Government, Korea National Housing Corporation, etc.), (2) research organizations (e.g., Seoul Development Institute, Gyeonggi Research Institute), and (3) private sectors (e.g., real estate development, real estate finance, and urban engineering consulting firms). Planners continue to be in high demand. Career opportunities for planners are unlimited.
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