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Department of Industrial and Visual Design
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  • Department of Industral and Visual Design
    • The department of industrial and visual design sets its sight on enriching and facilitating the life better and educating the way of creating the aesthetic, cultural, and practical values based on its ideals of education. To provide more specialized and better quality of education, as a practical study, the department of industrial and visual design is seperated into industrial design and visual design. In the industrial design major, the students will be educated to research the economical convenient products and enviornmental design based on esthetical and creative thoughts dedicated to the life enviornment and all sorts of daily tools and products by applying the rational process. As a professional education course, the education purpose of the visual design major is to train them to be able to visualize all sorts of information in formative and scientific methods for creating the harmonious life between human-being and enviornment and to nurture the professional visual arts designers in various fields such as general graphic design, illustration, and multi-media design.
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